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Trying a new thing, kind of scary, but that’s okay – scary means I’m reaching outside my comfort zone and trying something new. 

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Almost Simblreen!

I’m super excited about participating in my first Simblreen as more than a Trick or Treater. I’m super nervous too!! So trying to get the artwork ready for the...

Welcome to the 300 Club!

I’m your hostess, SoSuanne, and I’m happy to serve you some overly ambitious but still super juicy pie. It’s 10 pieces of delicious thanks, sometimes jungle inspired, we so...

Get A Little More Famous

So, you live a life of happy expectations to get just a little famous, and suddenly you realize your dreams will end in a watery grave. Isn’t that a downer?...

Ikea Lack Recolors

@veranka-s4cc’s classic IKEA Lack meshes are some of my favorite pieces of cc, so versatile they fit into every style. I use the shelves in nearly every build I...

A Green Lifestyle Build

A Green Lifestyle build – containers galore for the Roomies in Oasis Springs. I was inspired by Eco Living, the #GreenLifestyleCollab on Instagram, and Simza’s brilliant Laundry Day Kitchen....

Black Lives Matter Simblr Rally

The Simblr community on Tumblr are generally socially progressive and are very outspoken about the causes they are passionate about. One of those things is playing with life and...