Scandi Farmhouse Vibes

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This is the inspo living room in the real Tarzana farmhouse. I loved the modern touches with the chill and rustic vibe.
And there’s my version of the Farmhouse. I haven’t shared the pillow recolors, drop me a note if you think I should.
The Trazana Scandi Farmhouse project was a bit of an obsession for me. I recolored a variety of things to make it feel like home.
I know these colors have been “on trend” the last few years, for me they’ve always been my go-to. I love denim because it’s so durable and blue is classic, shades of pink and green have been my favorite colors my whole life.

mini gallery

I created several recolors for my version of the Tarzana Scandi Farmhouse. You can see some of them in the dining room screenshot with my daughter’s SimSelf. I also used a ton of CC from my favorite creators for the CC version of the house.

The paintings are all available for download on Mod The Sims. I’ve never shared the pillows because it felt like I didn’t have enough of each type of recolor.


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I’ve never shared the Tarzana Scandi Farmhouse, even though I made a NoCC version. I wanted to do a YouTube video but was so intimidated that I never tried. I even made versions of Enes and Mikey that I was going to include. Maybe 2023 will be my year to be brave.