Black Lives Matter Simblr Rally


The Simblr community on Tumblr are generally socially progressive and are very outspoken about the causes they are passionate about. One of those things is playing with life and seeing inclusion in the shared images people post of their games. Recently, I reorganized my Tumblr feed and couldn’t believe that all my awesome multi-cultural sims never make it to being posted on social media. That made me really sad because I’ve always made sure to create sims that match the environment where I grew up in Hayward, California – a City whose motto is “No room for racism”.

When I saw that Ebonixsims was calling for a Simblr rally this weekend I really wanted to participate. There weren’t really any Maxis Match BLM shirts available so I made my own which are linked in my next post. Here’s my screen shots of my protest rally taken in my newly built George Floyd Memorial Park in the Sim neighborhood called Newcrest.

Bella Goth came along with her daughter Cassandra.
My Self Sim had to take a moment to reflect in the midst of the powerful words being shared.
The media was there, thanks to Judith Ward’s attendance, she’s just the biggest star in Del Sol Valley.
It was an emotional yet peaceful gathering.
Black Lives Matter!

Check out Ebonixsims on Tumblr to see her resharing of the most impactful rally photos.


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