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More encouragement for positive thought – when you start your day try to become aware of your thoughts. If you begin your day and you think about the negative things that may happen, you’re actually shooting the day in the foot before it even gets its legs under it. Instead, start your day by telling […]

It doesn’t actually suck

As long as you focus on the negative

I created this 5 x 7 high-quality printable artwork from some pretty awesome clipart to remind you that things are only as bad or as good as you decide they’re going to be. Just click on the image below and download the PDF to print, frame, and hang. You’ve got this! [bctt tweet=”I downloaded an […]

Seek thankfulness and you’ll be filled with joy

Seek thankfulness and you'll be filled with joy

I’m a big believer in the effects of positive thought on mood and life experience. With the coming holiday, I just wanted to share how thankful I am to have you in my circle so I created this 8.5 x 11 high-quality printable artwork from some Lisa Glanz clipart. Just click on the image below […]

Enjoy the little things.

Woman lying in bath with foam and reads magazine

When you take time to do little things you enjoy, you allow yourself to become less stressed, and that helps create energy for other tasks in your day.

The Future is Now – an Affirmation

I have started over. I have begun stepping out of the old and stepping into the new. Everything that happens now will happen because it is wanted, dreamed of, wished for, and I have allowed it to happen. This is my life. I will create it as I want it to be.

Empowering. Inspiring. Winning.

Inspiration and empowerment can come from anywhere, it’s what we do with the things we find that makes our experiences in life unique and meaningful. Around the age of 16 I came across a piece of writing, called The Creed for Winners, that was immediately inspirational to me as a competitive athlete; it became my […]