Sneak Peek: Tarzana Scandi Farmhouse


I’ve been working on this project for about 6 weeks, it started after I fell in love with a modern scandi farmhouse in Tarzana that I saw in a YouTube video by Enes Yilmazar. So… I’ve been doing a “Real to Sim” project that includes some clutter recolors to ensure the house really looks like what our home would look like, if Sarah and I won the lotto.

I also knew there were things we’d want to tweak in order to make it more liveable for the two of us, so the version I’m decorating is not the one I’ll be sharing, the build is coming along great though. This gallery wall and bookshelves took 12 hours or more using The Red Shelf and the TOOL mod, I really couldn’t have done it any other way. This sneak peek of features CC from a variety of creators including @harrie-cc @felixandresims @pictureamoebae @brazenlotus @plumbobteasociety along with the new things I’ve already started to share.


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