The Speed of Life

tunnel motion blur

I’ve hit a stretch of life where everything is moving very fast and my time is filled, the challenge will be how to stay relaxed and enjoy myself as deadlines and commitments pull my attention in different directions. I won’t have another weekend completely free until mid-May and I’m a little overwhelmed thinking about the […]

Nurturing, caretaking, and Me

Hourglass on calendar

The coming of the new year was significant for me, I felt like I was stepping over a threshold; Today I feel that I’ve let go and what an exciting way to begin. As I sat, last week, on a snowy day and wrote my umpteenth personal ad I wrote the words “I’m ready to […]

Welcome November.

November is the month of my birth, and usually I welcome it with open arms and anticipation, this month I welcomed it with a sore throat. Here I am a week later still coughing, sniffling, and talking funny. The end of October was bittersweet, we celebrate my Daughter’s birthday on the 30th, which is always […]