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I love this! I know not everyone is about the story line, but here’s the thing, I really DGAF about Vampires or Wizards and you didn’t see me complaining about EA or the people who do when that content was released. I still bought the packs to get the other content – here I am 20 years in still buying every pack at full price. Yeah, it’s a pain to have to play through the Strangerville story line every time I want to start a new save game, but the community solved that problem and I expect they’ll hack the pollution problem too.

With all the commentary on Tumblr about making our games more realistic and inclusive, mirroring the ideal society (which I don’t disagree with), every single one of you should embrace this topic as important to our planet’s future. If you have a problem with the smog, or any other social issues, put that energy into actions that are meaningful like running for local public office, registering people to vote, attending meetings of your local government, participating in town halls, and sharing constructive messaging. Spending all of your free time consuming unclean energy (energy to run your computer to play video games or be on Tumblr and charge your cellphone to use social media), egging on bullies, and creating distrust and disharmony, is not going to make the world a better place – even if it makes you feel more powerful while you’re doing it. 

Be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible.

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