The Lake House Challenge


The Lake House Challenge from February of 2019 offered some interesting opportunities. The lot had to be partially over the water, and it had to have a lake house vibe. Here’s my rendition. From the FB group Sims 4 Builders. Lake house entry way left plenty of room to drop your crap when you come to visit the Grands. The kitchen is all a mess in the midst of baking pies.

Then there’s the “bunk room”. I thought it would be cool to do a room kids would enjoy inviting their friends to stay in at the Grands place for long weekends in the Summer. Yipes, I can’t even try to to say whose content in included here. 

Some of the great cc in the photos are from @aroundthesims@plumbobteasociety@peacemaker-ic@brazenlotus to name a few. I did some select recolors to match the theme and my color scheme. 


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