Spring Breakfast Sandwich


Breakfast is a really important meal, some say the most important, and sadly, it’s the one meal I struggle with eating on a regular basis. Once my body is in fasting mode overnight I’m fine with not eating until afternoon the next day. That’s awful for your metabolism so it’s the first thing I focus on when I get back to living more healthily. During the week breakfast is a no brainer I eat Go Lean cereal by Kashi with 3/4 of a container of Yoplait fat free yogurt (that’s 240 calories total if I eat all the yogurt). But the weekends are always a challenge for me, I don’t want more cereal and making breakfast for one person is kind of depressing.

This morning magic happened in my kitchen, I came up with an incredible breakfast sandwich that was so delicious I have to share.

Spring Breakfast Sandwich

Calories 251


1 egg beaten (80 calories)
1 large handful of fresh Spinach (about one cup chopped = 5 calories)
1 T. chopped onion (4 calories)
1/2 clove of garlic (2 calories)
1 T. low fat (or fat free) cream cheese (35 calories)
1 Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat sandwich round (100 calories)
Olive oil (20 calories)
salt and pepper
Balsamic vinegar drizzle to taste (5 calories)


First slip the sandwich round into the oven to toast at 350. Put the cut sides of the sandwich round facing the baking pan and toast to your preferred doneness. Mine was ready the same time my egg was done.

Heat a small frying pan, and then either spray with olive oil spray or add a little olive oil to the pan to prevent sticking. Toss in the onion, spinach and garlic and cook until the onion is translucent and the spinach is wilted, season with salt & pepper. Add the beaten egg and gently blend with the veggies, don’t over cook or over stir, when the egg is done remove pan from heat.

Remove the sandwich round from the oven. Spread the tablespoon of cream cheese between the cut sides of the rounds. Fill with the egg mixture and sprinkle with just enough balsamic vinegar to taste. Total calories: 251.


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