Mel Robbins – Life Changer

I found this Mel Robbins talk, How to stop screwing yourself over, as I was bopping around the interwebs and in it so much great information, with one brilliant take away quote to help me remember the importance of letting go of fear. You may have heard about it. Here’s some life changing advice from […]

Pride Portrait

Everyone has a story, here’s part of mineI’m part of a generation or two of women, women of a certain age, who struggled with sexual identity and the “shoulds” our parents shared with us. We were raised to believe our worth was tied to our ability to find a man. Every time I approached my […]

Chocolate orange buttercream frosting


Last month I created this chocolate orange buttercream frosting to top off some vanilla orange cupcakes, the idea behind this was to create cupcakes with a flavor similar to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange without it being overpoweringly chocolate. They turned out pretty good for a first attempt, although, the cupcake recipe I adapted was from […]