A week of YUMM #3

Crunchy Salt Corn Chips

Well, I missed out on last weeks shopping list but here’s a quick recap of our menu last week.

  • Sunday night football: Brats n’ Beer (sauerkraut, thinly sliced sweet onion, garlic, Killian’s Red,  brown sugar and soy sauce) on hoagie’s with spicy mustard – which were the best I’ve ever made.
  • Monday was French Dip. Roast beef thick sliced from the deli, French’s Au Jus sauce with muenster cheese. D’lish!
  • Tuesday brought Frito Pie. Frito’s were on sale so it was a must, I like mine with taco seasoned hamburger, cheddar cheese, onions, sour cream and sliced olives.
  • Wednesday was deep dish night. I love the Pillsbury packaged pizza dough, I spray some olive oil in a spring form pan then fill with cooked sausage, spinach, onions, peppers, store brand pizza sauce, and a ton of mozzarella cheese.
  • Thursday I decided I needed a night out so Sarah and I shared an entree at the Olive Garden – we still ended up with leftovers.
  • Friday night was Ruben Sandwiches (for some reason last week was sandwich themed). I had bought sliced corned beef from the deli and used the left over sauerkraut on these. The store brand Thousand Island dressing from Kroger was kind of a let down but the swiss cheese was good, and dill pickles were the perfect accompaniment.

This week I was inspired by the sale on whole chickens at $.47 a pound from Food Lion. At this moment I have one chicken roasting in the oven using Aarti’s Ain’t no Chicken recipe as inspiration and another in a pot stewing away on the top of the stove. The stewed chicken is getting a fragrant bath for enchilada’s and taco’s this week. The roast chicken will be partnered with curried potatoes, roasted onion, peppers and carrots and a pickled cucumber salad. The leftovers will make great lunches next week, one night some of this chicken and veggies will be mixed with spaghetti sauce and pasta for dinner. I already told Sarah that I think the curried potato will be awesome with a poached egg later in the week.

The list this week was kind of small: green pepper, anaheim chili, sweet onions 2, cilantro, lime, cucumber, orange, carrots, ginger, 2 chickens, corn tortillas, enchilada sauce, spaghetti sauce, vanilla ice cream, coconut pastries, coconut milk, eggs, butter, milk, Hawaiian rolls (for bread pudding).


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