Gooey Goodness, Oven-baked S’mores


I know there are people who don’t love chocolate but I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love crispy gooey marshmallows. We all know they’re the best part of a backyard barbecue, sure that steak tasted great but pass me the marshmallows and a skewer while the grill is still warm.

Having spent my second summer without a grill I was suffering from a serious craving for s’mores and decided to take this culinary challenge to a new place, my oven. Don’t my s’mores look just as yummy as anything you can make in your backyard? I know they tasted just as good, so I wanted to share with you my new found secret.

Oven-baked S’mores
6 graham crackers
1 package mini-marshmallows
2 chocolate bars (your favorite kind) cut in thirds

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Put foil or parchment paper on a large baking sheet. Place the crackers on your baking sheet together to form a square – this reduces the chances of the gooey goodness sliding off the crackers and making a mess. Break or cut your chocolate bars up into thirds and keep them nearby.

Cover the crackers with mini-marshmallows and put them in the hot oven for about 10 minutes. You’re going to want to watch the marshmallows, not just because they look cool as they cook, but because you don’t want them to burn just turn brown. Once the browning starts they’ll go dark really quickly so you want to take them out just as they reach your desired doneness.

As soon as you have taken the crackers and marshmallows out of the oven put a piece of chocolate on each cracker, the crackers will be soft enough now to fold in half to make your s’more. I have a nifty silicone coated spatula that worked great for this.

Be Careful!! Marshmallow goo is very hot and since it’s sticky it’s a dangerous substance in large quantities like this. I would not let children help or handle these until they’ve cooled.

Once the s’mores have cooled enough to handle you can eat and enjoy!


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