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French press coffee

Can I just say that if you have not tasted french press coffee you have been missing out, and are in for a treat?

Recently, my daughter and I were treated to a tasting comparison by the Manager of Starbucks on Three Chopt Rd here in Richmond, Virginia. The Manager was extremely nice and informative without being pushy about selling a french press; I had asked what the difference in taste was and she was happy to help.

She started by telling us how to prepare the press with hot water and to grind the coffee without making it too fine. After letting it steep for 4 minutes it was time to have a taste. The fresh beans for the coffee of the day was used both in their drip machine and in the french press tasting. The difference between drip and french press coffee can be seen immediately when you compare the two side by side. The drip coffee has less body and color, and the smell is also different, the pressed coffee smells richer and more complex.

I’ve never been a huge straight up coffee drinker, I like dairy, sugar and chocolate, when available, in my coffee. I did try both with just sugar and found the pressed coffee to be less bitter and more flavorful than the drip, once I dressed it up with half and half I enjoyed the pressed coffee like I’ve never enjoyed it before. My daughter, Sarah, who is not really a coffee drinker at all loves the coffee we’re making at home now, thanks to our new 2 cup french press.

A cool thing to know, Starbucks Managers are all trained in doing this comparison tasting so feel free to ask for your own. They will also make you coffee in a french press anytime you walk into their store – no extra charge, you just have to be willing to wait the extra time it takes to make. If you are any type of coffee drinker go out and indulge in a cup or a tasting. If you find you like it, french press’s are pretty affordable, making french press coffee at home can really feel like a truly luxurious indulgence.


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