Planning for the new Year

I’ve been sick with the flu but am feeling better and want to do something productive today, so I started looking for calendar pages for the coming year. In the distant past I’d buy pages for my Franklin Covey planner but had also played around with creating and printing my own pages. So, as I sat and thought about printable calenders I remembered a great site I found in 2008 while trying to fill my planner, it’s called D*I*Y Planner this site is a phenomenal resource and in our current economic state a blessing for organizers on a budget because those pre-printed planner pages aren’t cheap.

Here’s a little snippet from their website “ is a community site whose focus is on paper-based productivity, planning, journalling and creative techniques. Here you will find the official D*I*Y Planner kits, as well as daily articles, scores of useful templates, handbooks and how-to’s, forums for discussing productivity in its many forms, images to clad your planners or inspire you, and so much more.” I hope you find it helpful.

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